Mega Man Zero Game for the Nintendo Gameboy Advance

When you’ve played the Mega Man series, there is a high probability that you’ve also played with his companion, Zero, as well.

Zero is a great character and I will choose him over Mega Man because he just looks cooler than him.

If you thought the Zero doesn’t have a game of his own, then you’re gravely mistaken. Today, I am going to talk about the Mega Man Zero Game for the Nintendo Gameboy Advance.

This is the first Mega Man game where Zero is the main character. When I first heard about this game, I was very excited to try it.

The story of the Mega Man Zero Game for the Nintendo Gameboy Advance begins 100 years after the events of the Mega Man X games.

Zero was awakened by the scientist, Miel. She pleaded Zero to help her defeat the Reploids as some of the Reploids were assigned to kill her.

Miel also explained that the government is now being run by Maverick Reploids; calling themselves as the “Neo Arcadia”.

Zero has shady memories of his past so he accepted the offer and helped Miel and the other scientists. They are instantly amazed by Zero’s combat prowess.

After some time, Miel explained what happened during Zero’s 100-year sleep. According to Miel, the humans and the Reploids were peacefully co-existing until there was a shortage of power supply.

Apparently, the only way to remedy the situation is to kill as many Reploids as possible. Of course, some Reploids do not want to be taken out and so, the Reploids of the Neo Arcadia were born.

Although there are bad Reploids, there are also good Reploids who made a faction to stop the bad ones.

Miel and the good reploids created the resistance and they want Zero to help them take the government back.

The Mega Man Zero Game for the Nintendo Gameboy Advance borrows some of the gameplay elements from the Mega Man series.

Zero has the ability to fire a charged shot by holding down the attack button for 2 seconds. This charged shot does more damage and it can be really useful in boss battles.

Zero also makes use of his trusty Z-saber, one of the aspects that I love about him. His Z-saber does tremendous damage; the only downside is that you have to be in melee range to deal damage.

To aid Zero, he also has the Z-buster equipped. As previously mentioned, you can create a charged Z-buster shot by holding the attack button for 2 seconds and releasing it.

Zero can also use different weapons with elemental attributes. These weapons can be acquired by defeating the different bosses in the game.

The game also follows the usual gameplay elements where a boss has a weakness for some weapons and some bosses have resistances to some.

The Mega Man Zero Game for the Nintendo Gameboy Advance is an amazing game and if you really love Zero from the Mega Man series, I encourage you to play this game.

Microsoft Xbox One S Will Be Released This August

One of the highlights of the E3 2016 event is Microsoft’s announcement of their new game consoles: the Xbox Scorpio and the Xbox One S. The former is going to be their new flagship game console set to be released next year and the latter is just an incremental upgrade from the current flagship, the Xbox One.

There were countless rumors circulating on the internet about a slimmer version of the Xbox One and that people are speculating that it will be revealed in the event, which Microsoft did.

Now, people are waiting for both of the game consoles to be released. Fortunately, the wait will not be long as the Xbox One S will be released in August.

Microsoft has officially announced the release of the new Xbox One S and it will be deemed as the “Launch day edition”.

What this means is that Microsoft is set to release only one version of the Xbox One S, in the form of a 2TB hard drive game console for around $400.

Of course, there are other variants of the Xbox One S but they will be released at a later time. Furthermore, the “Launch Day edition” Xbox One S will only be in limited supply. So for people who are going to get their hands on the game console should better be on the lookout once the game console is finally released on the market.

Aside from the actual game console, people who are going to buy the Xbox One S will also be getting one free controller. This new controller is more streamlined and it actually has better buttons compared to the original Xbox One.

If you want another Xbox One S controller, you can buy that for around $60. The beauty of the new Xbox One S controller is that it also works for Microsoft Windows PCs and it doesn’t use a USB dongle but instead use the Bluetooth mechanism.

Now, why would you want an Xbox One S? Well, the newer Xbox One S will sport a 40% slimmer design than its counterpart.

Furthermore, the specs of the Xbox One S are marginally better and that it supports 4K resolution as well.

The Xbox One S might be an incremental update but it still warrants the price because of the fact that it’s got a better controller, 4K resolution support, and better hardware in general.

The Xbox One S also comes with an IR blaster and it is also packaged with a vertical stand so that people can just mount their Xbox One S and have them placed vertically on the table without worrying if it might fall off.

The Microsoft Xbox One S will be released alongside the Windows 10 Anniversary update.

Lastly, people who are looking to pre-order their Xbox One S should look into various outlets to see if they are part of the original list. You see, the Xbox One S will not be launched across the globe on August 2 but only in select countries and regions.

For anyone else, the Xbox One S variants will be released at a later time.

R4CCE Cheat Code Editor

Cheats, cheat codes, cheating programs. If you are a gamer, or at least, a casual one, you’ve probably came across these words.

I know I have, in fact, I use cheat codes from time to time. I started cheating in video games back in the Super Nintendo days.

I was playing Contra, a game that is nearly impossible to beat without the infamous “30 lives” cheat. It is so impossible to beat it that years after its release, the game developers actually admit that it is indeed impossible to beat the game without cheating.

Now, if you’re a hardcore gamer and you are the achieving type of person, then you’ve probably not thought of enabling cheat codes in your games.

But for people who just wants to have fun and doesn’t mind any ethical standards, cheating in games is a common occurrence in their lives.

If you have an R4 3DS card, you’ve probably seen most of them having support for Action Replay cheat codes. Action Replay is a cheating program where you input codes so that the program can enable them in specific games.

Now, has it ever occurred to you where you stopped to think “how did these cheat codes came to be?”

Well, in today’s article, I will talk about a popular application called the R4CCE.

R4CCE, also known as R4 Cheat Code Editor, is an application that generates and converts cheat codes for you. You also have the power to create your very own cheat codes.

Creating cheat codes is a topic that I will address in a future article, but for now, I am going to talk about the most used feature and that is converting other cheat codes.

As previously mentioned, the Action Replay cheating software is the most widely used cheating program for the Nintendo 3DS.

In order to use this cheating program, you need to have an R4 3DS card that supports this homebrew application.

With that being said, you should search the internet for specific cheat codes for a specific game.

Now, you’ve probably come across cheat codes that are either dubbed as “Codebreaker Cheat codes or Code Masters Cheat codes”.

Obviously, these cheat codes will not work in the Action Replay Cheating software. That is where the R4CCE program comes in.

You download the R4CCE program from the internet and you should choose the option to “Create a Cheat File”. From there, put the game’s title as well as a minor comment about what the cheat code is about.

Next, paste the Codemasters or Codebreakers cheat codes in the code list field and the press “conv”. The program will automatically convert those codes into Action Replay codes, in which, you can now use them in your Action Replay Cheating software.

The R4CCE is an amazing program because you can pretty much look for whatever codes you want on the internet and use the program to convert them to a supported format.

Do remember that the Action Replay cheating software can only be used when you have a compatible R4 3DS card that supports it.

The R4CCE is an amazing tool if you want to convert cheat codes and also create your very own cheat codes for use in the Action Replay Cheating software.

Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks

If there is a game that has a really great plot, that would be the Legend of Zelda. The Legend of Zelda is a gaming franchise that has spawned many titles. Each of its iterations is highly acclaimed by both fans and critics alike.

In this article, we are going to talk about the Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks game for the Nintendo DS.

The story revolves around Link and Princess Zelda. Link is to become a train engineer and he attends the ceremony to be stated as one. The ceremony is to be held at the Hyrule castle, where Princess Zelda would honor Link’s promotion as a train engineer.

Chancellor Cole, however, does not want Link to be promoted because it would be pointless since the Spirit Tracks (or magical train tracks) are slowly disappearing anyway. Still, Princess Zelda went on with the celebration, but before promoting Link, she slid a note when Link and Zelda were shaking hands.

Stated in that note, Princess Zelda wants to get out of the castle because she believes Chancellor Cole is not someone you can trust. With the help of Link, both he and Princess Zelda were able to get past the castle.

Along with Link’s mentor and former soldier of the Hyrule Castle, Alfonzo, the three of them journeyed to the Town of Spirits to know more about Chancellor Cole. Unfortunately, when they were in the middle of the route, Chancellor Cole along with his sidekick, Byrne, stopped them by removing the Spirit Tracks. The train tripped over, but before it did, Chancellor Cole was able to get Princess Zelda’s body to be used as a vessel and her spirit is left roaming around without her body.

After regrouping back to the Hyrule Castle, the three of them went back to the Tower of spirits to know what is really going on. Upon their arrival, they were greeted by a Lokomo named Anjean. A Lokomo is a servant of Goodness, and Anjean tells Link’s team that in order to rescue Princess Zelda, they must defeat the evil Malladus.

Malladus was currently in spirit form, that is why Chancellor Cole needed Princess Zelda’s body to revive him completely. Unfortunately for them, Link was able to defeat Chancellor Malladus and in the end, was able to rescue Princess Zelda’s body.

The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks game for the Nintendo DS is a wonderful game. It not only has a great storyline but it also has compelling gameplay. The players will have to make use of the Nintendo DS’ stylus in order to navigate the map as well as make use of Link’s weapons, items, etc.

This Nintendo DS game utilizes both of the console’s screen with having the bottom screen as the main view of the game and the top screen as the map.

The gameplay of the Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks game for the Nintendo DS is pretty much similar to that of the Wind Waker, so controls are pretty much the same.

Seriously, if you haven’t played Legend of Zelda games, you need to try them out. If you want, you can try Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks game for the Nintendo DS just so you’ll know why I highly recommend this franchise.

Spigen Slim Armor Protective Case for the Google Nexus 6

The Google Nexus 6 is the latest Google flagship mobile phone. It has powerful specs and capabilities that will make people say wow. Of course, since it is a flagship model, it doesn’t come cheap.

In order to protect your mobile phone, you need to have a protective case with it. Today, we are going to talk about the Spigen Slim Armor Protective Case for the Google Nexus 6.

Before we talk more about the protective case, here are its features:

  • TPU + Polycarbonate = Dual Protection
  • Advanced Shock Absorption Technology: Web Pattern TPU case
  • Slim, lightweight and form-fitted
  • Lay on the table design: 0.8mm lip to protect the screen

The Spigen Slim Armor Protective Case for the Google Nexus 6 is made out of TPU and Polycarbonate to give your Nexus 6 a dual layer of protection. Do not be fooled by the “Slim” moniker because this protective case offers complete protection for your Google Nexus 6 mobile phone.

It has an advanced Shock Absorption technology thanks to the dual protection of the TPU and Polycarbonate base and the case doesn’t really add noticeable weight to the phone.

This protective case also does not add any size to the phone because you can just slide the mobile phone to and from your pocket with ease.

The Spigen Slim Armor Protective Case for the Google Nexus 6 also comes in three different color schemes: the Metal Slate which provides a gray and black look; the Satin Silver which gives a metallic design with Black accents at the top and bottom; and the Shimmery White that provides a Slim back side and Black accents on the top and bottom.

The inside of the Spigen Slim Armor Protective Case for the Google Nexus 6 is a soft TPU material and the back side is made out of hard polycarbonate. The soft interior of the case ensures that your phone will not be scratched when you accidentally drop it and the polycarbonate exterior will absorb the shocks effectively.

But those are not the only things that the Spigen Slim Armor Protective Case for the Google Nexus 6 has. It also has a built-in kickstand that allows you to view your Google Nexus 6 hands-free. The Kickstand is also foldable so you can just fold it away if you want to put your mobile phone back to your bag or pocket.

The Spigen Slim Armor Protective Case for the Google Nexus 6 also has carefully placed cutouts that do not hinder you from getting to all of the mobile phone’s ports. Plus, there is also a cutout for the Motorola logo as well.

Spigen is a reputable company that has created a lot of very durable and stylish protective cases for mobile phones.

If you want to give your Google Nexus 6 some extra added protection, you definitely have to check the Spigen Slim Armor for the Nexus 6. This protective case only costs $18.

Corona Alstare Edition – 05-06′ GSXR 1000 Motorcycle Fairing

Motorcycle fairings add another flavor to your motorcycle. If you want your motorcycle to look like the ones you see on the television shows such as the MotoGP, then getting a motorcycle fairing will be the best thing you can do for your ride.

There are many motorcycle fairings out there, but we are going to look at one particular motorcycle fairing. This motorcycle fairing is for the Suzuki Corona Alstare Edition, 2005-2006 GSXR 1000. If you own a 05-06 GSXR 1000, I highly suggest that you look into this motorcycle fairing.

This motorcycle fairing is a full fairing, meaning, it covers your entire bike. The motorcycle fairing sports a yellow look, with blue, black, and white hints here and there. This is a 21-piece full fairing kit, and when you order one, these are the items you will receive:

> Upper Nose Fairing

> Left & Right Side Fairings

> Tail Fairing

> Front Tire Hugger

> V-Panel

> Undertail Fairing

> Black Accent Parts

The Corona Alstare Edition motorcycle fairing is produced by using a mold-type injection, and is made of ABS plastic. ABS plastic is a durable piece of plastic, which is a mainstay when it comes to motorcycle fairings.

This motorcycle fairing is produced by ABS fairings. They are a company that creates superb quality motorcycle fairings for different motorcycle brands. Here is their official manufacturer’s statement:

ABS Motorcycle Fairings® are unlike any other bodywork found on the market. We use only top grade Japan imported virgin ABS plastic and superior paint equipment. Our website and images are often imitated but our fairings are never duplicated. Our bodywork is guaranteed to impress & we take great pride in what we make for you.

They take pride in every motorcycle fairing they create, and they also ship the motorcycle fairing within 10 days. When you purchase the Corona Alstare Edition motorcycle fairing, you will also receive a Matching Seat Cowl absolutely free of charge!

Now that we know all about the motorcycle fairing, how does this particular product fare with customers? Let’s find out:

Kevin: “I am just amazed with this motorcycle fairing. I ordered it last Friday, and I receive the fairings kit on Tuesday. Really fast shipping right there. The motorcycle fairing has an amazing build quality, and I can tell that this is quite sturdy. I’ve been using it for a week and my friends are envious about the looks of my ride. I would definitely recommend this product!”

Richmond: “I own a Suzuki 05-06 GSX-R 1000 and I can hardly come by any motorcycle fairing. Good thing, I found this one and I am highly pleased! This motorcycle fairing kit is a bad-ass looking son of a gun. The yellow fairing coupled with black, white and blue accents is perfect for my needs!”

If you want to buy the Suzuki Corona Alstare, 2005-2006 GSXR-1000 motorcycle fairing, this full fairing kit costs $539.99. The company shoulders free shipping costs and the product should arrive on your doorstep within 10 days of purchase.

R4 3DS cards

The Linker 3DS card is one of the most popular Nintendo 3DS flashcards, offering great value for money. The R4i is the earlier version of the R4 3DS which works with the Nintendo DSi and DSi XL consoles. The main advantage of the R4 3DS is its support for the latest 3DS firmware and also the constant updates from the team who manufactures the card.

Once you have chosen which R4 card is right for your needs you will need to pick up a memory card to store media files on, most sites offer these included in bundles, however you can use your own if you have one lying around.

The R4 3DS was created specifically for the 3DS console, but also supports the later 3DS XL and 2DS consoles without any problems. Aswell as this it also supports the earlier DS and DS lite consoles, the DSi and DSi XL consoles.