Corona Alstare Edition – 05-06′ GSXR 1000 Motorcycle Fairing

Motorcycle fairings add another flavor to your motorcycle. If you want your motorcycle to look like the ones you see on the television shows such as the MotoGP, then getting a motorcycle fairing will be the best thing you can do for your ride.

There are many motorcycle fairings out there, but we are going to look at one particular motorcycle fairing. This motorcycle fairing is for the Suzuki Corona Alstare Edition, 2005-2006 GSXR 1000. If you own a 05-06 GSXR 1000, I highly suggest that you look into this motorcycle fairing.

This motorcycle fairing is a full fairing, meaning, it covers your entire bike. The motorcycle fairing sports a yellow look, with blue, black, and white hints here and there. This is a 21-piece full fairing kit, and when you order one, these are the items you will receive:

> Upper Nose Fairing

> Left & Right Side Fairings

> Tail Fairing

> Front Tire Hugger

> V-Panel

> Undertail Fairing

> Black Accent Parts

The Corona Alstare Edition motorcycle fairing is produced by using a mold-type injection, and is made of ABS plastic. ABS plastic is a durable piece of plastic, which is a mainstay when it comes to motorcycle fairings.

This motorcycle fairing is produced by ABS fairings. They are a company that creates superb quality motorcycle fairings for different motorcycle brands. Here is their official manufacturer’s statement:

ABS Motorcycle Fairings® are unlike any other bodywork found on the market. We use only top grade Japan imported virgin ABS plastic and superior paint equipment. Our website and images are often imitated but our fairings are never duplicated. Our bodywork is guaranteed to impress & we take great pride in what we make for you.

They take pride in every motorcycle fairing they create, and they also ship the motorcycle fairing within 10 days. When you purchase the Corona Alstare Edition motorcycle fairing, you will also receive a Matching Seat Cowl absolutely free of charge!

Now that we know all about the motorcycle fairing, how does this particular product fare with customers? Let’s find out:

Kevin: “I am just amazed with this motorcycle fairing. I ordered it last Friday, and I receive the fairings kit on Tuesday. Really fast shipping right there. The motorcycle fairing has an amazing build quality, and I can tell that this is quite sturdy. I’ve been using it for a week and my friends are envious about the looks of my ride. I would definitely recommend this product!”

Richmond: “I own a Suzuki 05-06 GSX-R 1000 and I can hardly come by any motorcycle fairing. Good thing, I found this one and I am highly pleased! This motorcycle fairing kit is a bad-ass looking son of a gun. The yellow fairing coupled with black, white and blue accents is perfect for my needs!”

If you want to buy the Suzuki Corona Alstare, 2005-2006 GSXR-1000 motorcycle fairing, this full fairing kit costs $539.99. The company shoulders free shipping costs and the product should arrive on your doorstep within 10 days of purchase.