Mega Man Zero Game for the Nintendo Gameboy Advance

When you’ve played the Mega Man series, there is a high probability that you’ve also played with his companion, Zero, as well.

Zero is a great character and I will choose him over Mega Man because he just looks cooler than him.

If you thought the Zero doesn’t have a game of his own, then you’re gravely mistaken. Today, I am going to talk about the Mega Man Zero Game for the Nintendo Gameboy Advance.

This is the first Mega Man game where Zero is the main character. When I first heard about this game, I was very excited to try it.

The story of the Mega Man Zero Game for the Nintendo Gameboy Advance begins 100 years after the events of the Mega Man X games.

Zero was awakened by the scientist, Miel. She pleaded Zero to help her defeat the Reploids as some of the Reploids were assigned to kill her.

Miel also explained that the government is now being run by Maverick Reploids; calling themselves as the “Neo Arcadia”.

Zero has shady memories of his past so he accepted the offer and helped Miel and the other scientists. They are instantly amazed by Zero’s combat prowess.

After some time, Miel explained what happened during Zero’s 100-year sleep. According to Miel, the humans and the Reploids were peacefully co-existing until there was a shortage of power supply.

Apparently, the only way to remedy the situation is to kill as many Reploids as possible. Of course, some Reploids do not want to be taken out and so, the Reploids of the Neo Arcadia were born.

Although there are bad Reploids, there are also good Reploids who made a faction to stop the bad ones.

Miel and the good reploids created the resistance and they want Zero to help them take the government back.

The Mega Man Zero Game for the Nintendo Gameboy Advance borrows some of the gameplay elements from the Mega Man series.

Zero has the ability to fire a charged shot by holding down the attack button for 2 seconds. This charged shot does more damage and it can be really useful in boss battles.

Zero also makes use of his trusty Z-saber, one of the aspects that I love about him. His Z-saber does tremendous damage; the only downside is that you have to be in melee range to deal damage.

To aid Zero, he also has the Z-buster equipped. As previously mentioned, you can create a charged Z-buster shot by holding the attack button for 2 seconds and releasing it.

Zero can also use different weapons with elemental attributes. These weapons can be acquired by defeating the different bosses in the game.

The game also follows the usual gameplay elements where a boss has a weakness for some weapons and some bosses have resistances to some.

The Mega Man Zero Game for the Nintendo Gameboy Advance is an amazing game and if you really love Zero from the Mega Man series, I encourage you to play this game.

Microsoft Xbox One S Will Be Released This August

One of the highlights of the E3 2016 event is Microsoft’s announcement of their new game consoles: the Xbox Scorpio and the Xbox One S. The former is going to be their new flagship game console set to be released next year and the latter is just an incremental upgrade from the current flagship, the Xbox One.

There were countless rumors circulating on the internet about a slimmer version of the Xbox One and that people are speculating that it will be revealed in the event, which Microsoft did.

Now, people are waiting for both of the game consoles to be released. Fortunately, the wait will not be long as the Xbox One S will be released in August.

Microsoft has officially announced the release of the new Xbox One S and it will be deemed as the “Launch day edition”.

What this means is that Microsoft is set to release only one version of the Xbox One S, in the form of a 2TB hard drive game console for around $400.

Of course, there are other variants of the Xbox One S but they will be released at a later time. Furthermore, the “Launch Day edition” Xbox One S will only be in limited supply. So for people who are going to get their hands on the game console should better be on the lookout once the game console is finally released on the market.

Aside from the actual game console, people who are going to buy the Xbox One S will also be getting one free controller. This new controller is more streamlined and it actually has better buttons compared to the original Xbox One.

If you want another Xbox One S controller, you can buy that for around $60. The beauty of the new Xbox One S controller is that it also works for Microsoft Windows PCs and it doesn’t use a USB dongle but instead use the Bluetooth mechanism.

Now, why would you want an Xbox One S? Well, the newer Xbox One S will sport a 40% slimmer design than its counterpart.

Furthermore, the specs of the Xbox One S are marginally better and that it supports 4K resolution as well.

The Xbox One S might be an incremental update but it still warrants the price because of the fact that it’s got a better controller, 4K resolution support, and better hardware in general.

The Xbox One S also comes with an IR blaster and it is also packaged with a vertical stand so that people can just mount their Xbox One S and have them placed vertically on the table without worrying if it might fall off.

The Microsoft Xbox One S will be released alongside the Windows 10 Anniversary update.

Lastly, people who are looking to pre-order their Xbox One S should look into various outlets to see if they are part of the original list. You see, the Xbox One S will not be launched across the globe on August 2 but only in select countries and regions.

For anyone else, the Xbox One S variants will be released at a later time.