R4CCE Cheat Code Editor

Cheats, cheat codes, cheating programs. If you are a gamer, or at least, a casual one, you’ve probably came across these words.

I know I have, in fact, I use cheat codes from time to time. I started cheating in video games back in the Super Nintendo days.

I was playing Contra, a game that is nearly impossible to beat without the infamous “30 lives” cheat. It is so impossible to beat it that years after its release, the game developers actually admit that it is indeed impossible to beat the game without cheating.

Now, if you’re a hardcore gamer and you are the achieving type of person, then you’ve probably not thought of enabling cheat codes in your games.

But for people who just wants to have fun and doesn’t mind any ethical standards, cheating in games is a common occurrence in their lives.

If you have an R4 3DS card, you’ve probably seen most of them having support for Action Replay cheat codes. Action Replay is a cheating program where you input codes so that the program can enable them in specific games.

Now, has it ever occurred to you where you stopped to think “how did these cheat codes came to be?”

Well, in today’s article, I will talk about a popular application called the R4CCE.

R4CCE, also known as R4 Cheat Code Editor, is an application that generates and converts cheat codes for you. You also have the power to create your very own cheat codes.

Creating cheat codes is a topic that I will address in a future article, but for now, I am going to talk about the most used feature and that is converting other cheat codes.

As previously mentioned, the Action Replay cheating software is the most widely used cheating program for the Nintendo 3DS.

In order to use this cheating program, you need to have an R4 3DS card that supports this homebrew application.

With that being said, you should search the internet for specific cheat codes for a specific game.

Now, you’ve probably come across cheat codes that are either dubbed as “Codebreaker Cheat codes or Code Masters Cheat codes”.

Obviously, these cheat codes will not work in the Action Replay Cheating software. That is where the R4CCE program comes in.

You download the R4CCE program from the internet and you should choose the option to “Create a Cheat File”. From there, put the game’s title as well as a minor comment about what the cheat code is about.

Next, paste the Codemasters or Codebreakers cheat codes in the code list field and the press “conv”. The program will automatically convert those codes into Action Replay codes, in which, you can now use them in your Action Replay Cheating software.

The R4CCE is an amazing program because you can pretty much look for whatever codes you want on the internet and use the program to convert them to a supported format.

Do remember that the Action Replay cheating software can only be used when you have a compatible R4 3DS card that supports it.

The R4CCE is an amazing tool if you want to convert cheat codes and also create your very own cheat codes for use in the Action Replay Cheating software.